We now have less than a month to go until the first Hoody Hoo Throwdown, and we’ve got some more good news for all you lazy slackers. We are happy to announce that CycleGear has come aboard as an event sponsor. This will let us extend the Early Bird registration price of $69 until March 15th, the day before the Hoody Hoo Throwdown. On top of that we’ll be able to extend our discount codes.

The code “CallRussBrown” earns you $30 off the Early Bird price and that continues through March 1st.The code “2up4ever” will also work for $10 off a 2-Up registration. That drops registration to $39 for riders and $15 for passengers. Cheaper to get in, but you’re still getting a shot at the same $1,000 cash prize courtesy of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. Second place still receives a $500 gift card from Biltwell Inc., while 3rd place will get to choose from some cool items provided by Monster Energy.



We also have some opportunities for you to pick up some FREE entries to the Hoody Hoo Throwdown. Main Street Moto has discount codes to give away that will earn you 100% off an Early Bird registration. Hit them up for details. Also, Hogs and Heifers has some 100% discount codes of their own. We suggest checking out their blog and watching for details, or sending them a direct message.

We should also mention again that Tito’s Vodka has come aboard with Hogs and Heifers. This will allow for drink specials that will generate proceeds for the Veterans Charity Ride, on top of the 100% net proceeds from registrations and the 100% gross proceeds from the silent auction that will happen during the event. Thanks to Liberty Sport, Kaqun Las Vegas, Monster Energy, and CycleGear for donating items to the auction.


Veteran's Charity Ride Logo


So, this is a call to action. Kick your friends in the ass, kick yourself in the ass, and register now for the Hoody Hoo Throwdown. It will be a chance to bomb around Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, discovering some off beat locations as well as seeing some of the standard sights that Vegas is famous for.

You’ll be challenged by figuring out the best route to earn you the most points. And someone is gonna win $1,000. Then we can spend the night swapping stories, enjoying time with friends old friends, making new friends, and it all raises money to get wounded and amputee veterans out of their head and back out on the road. So much winning.

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