We’ve got several more announcements as the first ever Hoody Hoo Throwdown draws near. First up is, you need to register now if you haven’t already. It’s a good time to do so because we have been able to drop the price from $69 to $49. This is because we have additional support from CycleGear, Leather Headquarters, Yuasa Batteries, and Sena Technologies. With their contribution we can pass the savings on to you. We even have some gifts for our initial registrants who paid the full price (we don’t want to penalize the people who got onboard early).

For those who are attending for sure, we want to give you a heads up about CycleGear and its two Las Vegas locations. They will put up their EZ-ups out during the event and will have water and snacks for HHTd riders. Both of their locations will be waypoints on the ride, so you can pick up points and some water at the same time. Take that into consideration when you plan your route on game day.

And lastly let’s talk about the weather… mainly because it isn’t a factor. The high on Saturday is forecast at 69° and sunny. Daylight savings is gone so we won’t have sunset until 6:48pm. So it sounds like you’re out of excuses. Click the “Register” button and sign up now for the Hoody Hoo Throwdown.

You get a shot at $1,000, you get to mob around Vegas checking out cool spots and learning local history. You get a T-shirt and a swag bag that gets bigger every time we open our email. We’ll be supporting a charity that gets wounded and amputee veterans on the road and into the wind through life-changing programs. We’ll be riding motorcycles and partying in the process. We just aren’t seeing a downside to this.

In the coming days we will be be sharing a few more hints as to where our waypoints are located. The only way to see those are to follow us on Instagram or sign up for our mailing list. There will be about 80 waypoints total so there will be no way to hit them all in four hours. That means that planning the smartest route is an important factor in your changes for success. We won’t give away the point values of each waypoint until the morning of the event. However, you can be sure the farther away, the more points a waypoint will be worth.

At the same time, there will be “Easter Egg” waypoints in the city that are easy to reach and worth more. Combined with those will be waypoints that look easy to reach but feature some kind of hiccup: heavy pedestrian traffic, lane closures, one-way streets… local knowledge can be an asset for those.

But out-of-towners don’t despair: there a lot of ways to skin this cat. The Hoody Hoo Throwdown is meant to be fun and challenging, not frustrating. Reaching a bunch of low-value waypoints or a few high-value waypoints are both winning strategies. And with this being the first-ever event, there is no established method for success. Your route planning skill and personal strategy will make all the difference.

old motorcycle in desert landscape

All brands, all riders, no attitudes. Don’t worry, you won’t find roads this gnarly on your route.


And in the coming days we will be sharing hints to more waypoint locations. You’ll only be able to see them if you follow our Instagram account or sign up for our email list: those are the only places to find hints. So start getting ready. Practice using the REVER app, make sure you have a phone holder and way to charge your phone. Make sure the bike is in tip-top-shape, and get ready to hoist a giant foam check for $1,000. Oh, and don’t forget, our venue Hos and Heifers i cash only (though they have an ATM on site). Hoody Hoo!