Happy 4th of July to everyone! The holiday is upon us and many of us are looking at a four-day weekend. For motorcyclists in California and surrounding states, it also means the Hollister Rally Revival. Running from 4-7 July, the event isn’t being put on by the city this year and features several places to congregate when you aren’t out riding.

We’ll be at the 47 Camp Ride of course, setting up on the 4th to help people register for our July 5th Hoody Hoo Throwdown. However, the easiest way to register is still on our website, where the “Register” button will take you to Eventbrite. On the day of the event we will have to deal with being short-staffed (we’re volunteers after all) and we still don’t know how good the wifi connection will be while the 47 Camp Ride is going on.

47 camp ride hollister

Likewise at the San Jose CycleGear. We usually spend a lot of time helping people sign up on REVER, the app used to track your ride in the Throwdown. That leaves us short-handed trying to take credit card information, and if you sign up on Eventbrite day-of, we still have to go into the profile ourselves and try to find your registration (as opposed to looking it up on a printed list). We also aren’t set up to take cash so don’t expect us to make change for the $39 registration.

Waypoints Are Live

In short, NOW IS THE TIME to register. You also want to get REVER downloaded to your phone ahead of time. You need to create a profile, then go to the Challenges tab and join the Hoody Hoo Throwdown. Also, the waypoints are live right now, so you can get on a laptop and log in at www.rever.co to build a route ahead of time. Then you can follow the blue navigation line laid out on your phone or, if you have a Premium account, you can use turn-by-turn navigation and just pipe your phone’s audio into earbuds or a bluetooth communication system like the Sena 30K.

Corbin motorcycle seats and saddles

The winner is going to be the most prepared rider, and that means planning now. In the military there was a saying that, “proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance,” and it’s true in the Hoody Hoo Throwdown too. When you get in at either the 47 Camp Ride or the San Jose Cyclegear, you want to just sign some papers, get a wristband, and sip on a Monster while looking at bikes and chatting people up. Game day is not the time to learn how to play the game.

And remember, the 47 Camp Ride is free to enter but camping needs to be paid for. Also, we heard that a premium RV camping spot opened up for those interested. Space #8 had a last minute cancellation and it has full hook ups. Call Julie at 831-630–5200 and mention Hoody Hoo Throwdown to get $10 off tent camping or $15 off RV camping.

Come on out and get ready to turn your ride into an adventure.

motorcycle and sidecar on open road