Hello friends, fans, and fiends. Johnny here with a few updates on not just our current projects, but a look at the motorcycle world in general. A lot of interesting stuff is floating around this time of year because it is a time when new motorcycles get announced, motorsports seasons start coming down to the wire, new apparel collections get dropped, and riding stories really start to fill up the web (all that summer riding is finally turning into edited stories, videos, and getting shared).

So, from around the web I’ll share a few things that have been catching my eye, then let you know what’s happening with our Socal event.

motorcycles ride by a sign on the road

First up I’d actually like to share a post that is sharing some other posts about Sturgis. This is like going down a rabbit hole because there are several cool videos and photos to pick through. This is the kind of stuff the internet is perfect for, since you can keep going back and watching short videos or scrolling through the galleries.

And it just so happens that none of the stuff featured was something I attended while in Sturgis for the Veterans Charity Ride, and some of them I didn’t even know were happening. That’s one very cool thing about Sturgis: you can keep reading about it for months after you went and get that feel like you are back there. You can also go a dozen times and still find things you haven’t seen. You can find the post here on Sena’s blog or click the like below:


I’m also a fan of this short video about the Apocalypse Run, since it’s the kind of home-spun event I gravitate towards. There is an entire subset of people out there, not just in the motorcycle world, who move away from the long lines and high prices of big rallies and events. And while I totally understand why people like the over-the-top experiences of Sturgis or Burning Man or the Reading festival, I’m in the camp of people that would rather crack beers around a campfire with ten or fifty or a hundred of my friends.

crowd of motorcyclists pose around a sign in las vegas

The link is to a blog post on Biltwell’s website which reminds me that the Kernville Kampout is this weekend. The event is sold out so hopefully you already knew about it, but if not I reckon you should mark your calendar for next year. It’s big enough to feel like a proper rally but the campground is limited in size so it can’t get overblown. And with only a few activities actually based in camp, the focus is on riding and exploring the mountains, not making money by selling vendor permits. If you have to miss it or you want to get a better idea of what it is, check out this piece I wrote about last year’s Kampout.

Lastly I want to update people on our upcoming event. We had selected October 16 for our day and Southern California as our place, but we haven’t been able to do enough work to properly launch the event. HHTd is basically two, people, myself and co-founder Jacob Jades. Jacob has been busy working on an event called the Metal Mosh & Melee, which combines live music with the insanity of Medieval fighting. I’ll be heading to Las Vegas to check it out but it’s November 9, the week before our planned So-Cal Hoody Hoo Throwdown (Nov 16).

metal mosh and melee logo

We want to make this HHTd bigger, with our own after party with bands and food. That will require more planning of course, but we think it will be better than trying to piggy-back on another event. So keep your eyes peeled for an official time and location.

Of course, you can sign up to our mailing list instead of having to come back and look for updates. Just scroll to the bottom of the page at www.hhthrowdown.com and drop your name and email into the form. Oh, one last thing: a quick shout out to Veterans Charity Ride, the people we are raising money for. The 5th annual Ride to Sturgis was a success and I got to be a part of it for the third time. I wrote a 1st person account of the ride and so if you want to get an idea of what the charity is all about, take a gander at the article. There’s even pictures for all you knuckle-draggers out there.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned and tell your friends they have to head with you to LA this November for a good time and a new way to see the city.

-Johnny Killmore-