July 5, 2019



Frequently Asked Questions About The Hoody Hoo Throwdown


You sign up HERE and go to REVER afterwards on either their website or your preferred app store. Create an account and get familiar with the app, then go to the “challenges” tab and join the Hoody Hoo Throwdown. Waypoints will not be visible until two days before the event launches. We recommend tracking some rides ahead of time so you are familiar with the app come game day. The app is free but we recommend the Premium membership because you can build a route in REVER and get turn-by-turn navigation in-app, as well as downloading offline maps so you can still see waypoints even if you lose cell signal.

We also recommend connecting your preferred navigation device via bluetooth to an in-helmet communication system such as the Sena 10C Pro or 30K. This will allow you to hear the voice prompts from your navigation aid and if you’re riding with a passenger they can speak to you without having to yell over the wind.

Next, look at the timeline on our home page. You need to come early and sign in, get a wristband, and hear the safety brief and any last minute updates. Once the challenge officially opens at noon, hit as many waypoints as you can, ending your tracked REVER ride and uploading it before the cutoff time, or they won’t be counted. At our destination, we’ll have a protest period (see the rules for details) for anyone who had a verifiable technical glitch, then it’s awards time!

A silent auction will be happening the entire day at the destination location with several cool items to bid on from Monster Energy, Liberty Sport, CycleGear, and others. 100% of the items are donated and all proceeds go directly to the Veterans Charity Ride.


The Rules

Must be aged 21 years or more to participate. Must have a valid, state issued driver’s license that is not revoked or otherwise suspended. Must be present at safety brief before event to participate in the event. Must be present at the awards ceremony to be eligible for prizes. This is a contest of strategy and route planning, not a contest of speed. Obey all traffic laws and regulations. Ride responsibly. Ride sober. Do not trespass on private property. Certain waypoints may be on public lands that require an entrance or use fee. Such fees are the responsibility of participants and are not included in your event registration. Prizes are non-transferable. One entry per person. Miles and waypoints must be tracked using one REVER account on one device.

Only miles tracked in the REVER application will be counted. Only points-of-interest (POI’s, also called waypoints) tracked by REVER will be counted. In the event the REVER application fails to count a waypoint, only two remedies are available for participants to have points awarded: (1) showing an official judge a screenshot with the REVER push notification awarding participant the POI, with time of day clearly visible; (2) showing an official judge a completed REVER ride with the blue travel line crossing into a POI. The ride must show a completion time before the end of the event and after the beginning of the event. Participants must abide by rules and policies of the hosting venue.


Sure, whatever floats your goat. For our July 5th Hollister event though, NO PETS are allowed in the Bolado Campground where the 47 Camp Ride is happening (our end point). Humans need to sign the waiver and attend the safety brief at the beginning of the ride but are otherwise welcome. 47 Camp Ride is free to enter if friends want to meet you there for the after party but don’t want in on the Throwdown. The silent auction is open to everyone. If you’re 2-up and your passenger wants in on the event swag bag, make sure to get them a 2-up ticket.  HHTd is a 21+ event.


Yeah, we don’t have any control over that. It’s a rain or shine event so keep your eyes on the weather reports and plan accordingly. If crap weather keeps people away it just makes that 1st prize easier to win!

Can I Bring A Friend?

Hell yes. They need their own ticket though, and everyone needs to be 21 or older. Then the only problem that arises is, if you ride together, you are going to end up with the exact same score, and be tied. You may wanna club them over the head when they aren’t looking so you can win (just kidding, never do that). One way to avoid this is to head in different directions at the beginning and meet back in the middle towards the end. Route selection is up to you.


There is no standing policy about colors at the 47 Camp Ride and HHTd has no policy regarding colors. We’re all brands, all riders, no attitudes. However, there is no way currently for us to track entire teams so you are participating in the Throwdown as an individual. When the capability exists, we want to add prizes for highest scoring club and even have an annual trophy that can be displayed at your clubhouse. Soon.


No, this is a motorcycle event. Sidecars and trikes are welcome, but you need handlebars and less than four wheels.


You won’t know until the day before the event. This is so each rider can use their own planning and judgement to earn the most points possible. This is a contest of route planning and strategy. Waypoints will range from San Jose, CA to the Hollister, CA area, with most waypoints lying between these two spots. Difficult to reach or far away destinations will have the most point values. Consequently there is no route: designing your own route is a big part of what sets the HHTd apart from other rides.


A lot. More than you can hit in the allotted time. Dozens. Like we said, this ain’t a poker run.

Is There A Leaderboard?

A leaderboard is available in the app, but it doesn’t update until someone ends their ride in the REVER app and uploads it. We recommend you periodically save your ride to REVER and start a new one so you know it’s updating. If you do it all in one shot and fail to get it uploaded until after the Throwdown ends, you might end up with a score of zero. We also recommend ending and uploading a ride if you know you’re going to leave cell phone service. This will get your ride updated while signal is strong, then simply start a new ride and carry on.


There will be a 30minute window after the challenge to protest (see the timeline). If you feel you hit a waypoint but didn’t get awarded the points, the only way to fix it will be showing a judge one of two things during the protest period. One, a screenshot of the push notification saying you were awarded the waypoint, with the time clearly visible. Two, a completed REVER ride, completed before the end of the Throwdown, with the blue tracking line crossing through the waypoint.

Usually what happens is riders lose cell signal and can’t see the waypoint on their map. They hit it and the waypoint pops back up when they get cell signal, but the app doesn’t catch it. Taking a picture of the blue tracking line through the waypoint shows you hit it, and points can be awarded during the protest period.

Got It? Ok Good.

Registration is on, get in now.

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